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Open resources are very useful in the pivot to online education as has happened the past few weeks, due to the corona crisis. Many overviews of open resources aimed at supporting teachers and staff in this endeavour have been published and are still being published and updated. See my previous blogpost (in Dutch)  for some examples in the Netherlands.

But open resources are also useful for learning about the corona virus and the COVID-19 disease it causes. Several of these resources have been published the past few weeks. Here an overview of resources I found.

OpenWHO is the new interactive, web-based, knowledge-transfer platform of the World Health Organization, offering online courses to improve the response to health emergencies.

The open courses about COVID-19 are collected on one page. These are mostly real-time training courses about prevention, offered in several languages. The overview is regularly updated with new courses.
The website

Courses about COVID-19
Class Central maintains an overview of MOOCs about COVID-19, offered by several institutions around the world (e.g. Johns Hopkins University, University of Toronto, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine)The overview on Class Central
Science Matters: Let's Talk About COVID-19 of the Imperial College London is "about the theory behind the analyses of COVID-19 and its spread, while learning how to interpret new information using core principles of public health, epidemiology, medicine, health economics, and social science." The course is regularly updated with new insights. (3 study hours estimated)Course on the Coursera platform
Fighting COVID-19 with Epidemiology: A Johns Hopkins Teach-Out is "for anyone who has been curious about how we identify and measure outbreaks like the COVID-19 epidemic and wants to understand the epidemiology of these infections." (4 study hours estimated)Course on the Coursera platform
Coronavirus - What you need to know, offered by Alison, "focuses on the history, transmission, symptoms, possible treatment and potential prevention of the novel coronavirus." (1-2 hours estimated)Course on the Alison platform
The Dutch OER platform Wikiwijs has several resources available for primary, secondary, vocational and higher education. Most of the resources are in Dutch.Primary education
Secondary education
Vocational education
Higher education
SPARC Europe maintains an overview with several open initiatives to fight the virus, for research and to inform the community. This overview contains several valuable resources for teachers who want to create their own OER about this topic (e.g. datasets and data tools to fight Corona).Overview of SPARC Europe

Disclaimer: for sure, I can and will not guarantee the completeness of this overview.


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