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Prof. Rory McGreal from Athabasca University in Canada maintains the OER Knowledgecloud with publications about open education. The most recent additions are listed:

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  • Inequitable Impacts of Textbook Costs at a Small, Private College: Results from a Textbook Survey at Gettysburg College July 21, 2021
    Recognizing that higher education settings vary considerably, librarians at Gettysburg College sought to better understand textbook spending behaviors and the effects of costs on our students. We adapted the Florida Virtual Campus 2016 Student Textbook and Course Materials Survey to suit the context of our small, private, liberal arts college. Most students spent $300 in […]
  • Open education, copyright and open licensing in a digital world July 21, 2021
    Open education, copyright and open licensing in a digital world (LiDA103) is one of four micro-courses for the Learning in a Digital age course. In this micro-course you will learn how to harness the potential of open education in pursuit of your own learning goals while adhering to the requirements of copyright in a digital […]
  • Digital Texts in the Time of COVID July 2, 2021
    The Fall 2020 term served as a litmus test of how well the evolving course material distribution and selection process works for U.S. higher education. More faculty than ever before had to select and adapt their course materials, with less time than previous years to explore their options and make decisions. Faculty were overwhelmingly teaching […]
  • Rethinking A Framework for Contextualising and Collaborating in MOOCs by Higher Education Institutions in Africa June 30, 2021
    Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are online courses that are open to anyone with Internet access. Pioneered in North America, they were developed for contexts with broader access to technology and wider access to the Internet. As globally networked learning environments (GNLEs), MOOCs foster collaborative communities and learning in ways not conceived as feasible until […]
  • Addressing the K-12 Open Educational Resources Awareness Niche: A Virtual Conference Response June 30, 2021
    Since the 2002 UNESCO forum, raising awareness of the benefits and challenges to Open Educational Resources (OER) in higher education have been integral to the broader Open Education (OE) movement. In the K-12 sector, however, an understanding of OER has been less advanced, although there are pockets of K-12 OER innovators throughout Canada and the […]
  • Using Open Educational Resources at Viterbo University: Faculty and Student Feedback June 30, 2021
    This study evaluated a coordinated and collaborative pilot implementation of open educational resources (OER) across multiple disciplines including nursing, accounting, environmental science, religious studies, and finance. Participating faculty were qualitatively surveyed regarding their experience creating and implementing OER in a course. Students were surveyed on their perceptions of OER quality, cost savings, and ease of […]
  • Identifying the Key Factors of the Success of MOOC Courses: Synthesis Research Based on the Roberts Model June 30, 2021
    The goal of present research is identifying the critical success factorsof MOOCs success and presenting a model for itr. The approach of present research is qualitative and its method is research synthesis. The research population is entire articles (374 articles), were presented on MOOCs on special platform from 2010 2018. The research sample consists of […]
  • MOOCs in a young Applied Sciences University: How to be David among Goliaths? June 29, 2021
    This paper presents the MOOC experiment conducted by the University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland (HES-SO) since 2013. It shows how a young institution with a mainly local anchorage has taken hold of this new teaching approach.The HES-SO MOOC system is describedafter having been introduced worldwide and in Switzerland. Thereafter, the participants, their behavior and […]
  • Assessing the effect of Massive Open Online Courses as remedial courses in higher education June 29, 2021
    The current study assesses the effect of using Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) with the specific goal of providing remedial education. The data refer to an Italian flagship university, Politecnico di Milano, where a MOOC platform was launched following the strategy ‘MOOCs to bridge the gaps’. Hence, the study aims at assessing the effect of […]
  • Implications of the Delphi method in the evaluation of sustainability open education resource repositories June 29, 2021
    To better understand the sustainable development of open educational resources (OER), this paper aimed to break through the original ‘fixed’, highly structured evaluation system and develop an open and flexible “1 + X” evaluation framework of OER by using the modified Delphi method. “1” refers to the mandatory basic criteria that the repository must reflect essential attributes […]