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Prof. Rory McGreal from Athabasca University in Canada maintains the OER Knowledgecloud with publications about open education. The most recent additions are listed:

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  • OERu's delivery model for changing times: An open source NGDLE May 20, 2020
    The OERu (Open Education Resources universitas) is an international consortium of 30 publicly funded institutions, which, with the OER Foundation, form a network across the world. OERu presently offers first-year post-secondary courses assembled from OER as micro-courses with pathways to gain stackable micro-credentials towards academic credit for university qualifications. OERu, adhering to “open” principles, has […]
  • Open educational resources in Mongolia May 10, 2020
    In this country report we summarize the current development of OER in Mongolia from the point of view of eight factors. In order to write the report, we used a desk review of available policy frameworks related to the support of OER and the results of our survey from almost 600 teachers from Mongolia. As […]
  • Open educational resources and the Belt and Road initiative May 10, 2020
    With the rapid advance of technologies, new ways of learning have emerged. One of these ways is open learning using Open Educational Resources (OERs). Several researchers have then reported several advantages of using OER in learning. To further facilitate the OER adoption worldwide, several initiatives have been launched. One of these initiatives is the OER […]
  • Open educational resources in Italy: Connecting the macro, meso and micro levels, towards a national OER ecosystem May 10, 2020
    The chapter presents a snapshot of the state of the art of Open Educational Resources (OER) in Italy. It starts from the macro public policy level, noting that OER are part of the national school policy, to the advocacy meso level, describing the work that the Italian Conference of Rectors has been doing in the […]
  • OER at scale: The academic and economic outcomes of Achieving the Dream’s OER Degree Initiative May 10, 2020
    The research and evaluation of ATD’s OER Degree Initiative provided encouraging evidence regarding the academic outcomes of students who enrolled in multiple OER courses, the economic impacts for both students and institutions, and the experiences of key stakeholders. Students benefitted from unrestricted access to course content and improved course experiences, in addition to saving money […]
  • Awareness and usage of MOOCs: The underrepresented experience May 9, 2020
    MOOC's (Massive Open Online Courses) allow individuals to expand boundaries, enrolling massive numbers of students with potential quality learning materials and resources that may not otherwise exist in underserved communities. The proliferation of MOOCs holds the potential to enhance access to quality learning materials for those who lack these resources, such as young adults in […]
  • Recognising achievement with badges and blockchain in a connectivist MOOC May 9, 2020
    While previous work has recognized the potential for open badges and blockchain to play a role in online courses, this potential has yet to be realized in a fully decentralized cMOOC. This paper describes the design objectives of an application that integrates open badges and blockchain with a cMOOC. The work described was undertaken during […]
  • How directing formal students to institutionally-delivered OER supports their success May 9, 2020
    The OpenLearn platform was launched in 2006 with the aim of delivering excerpts of the Open University’s (UK) (OU) curriculum as open educational resources (OER). Now reaching over 8.5m learners a year, the platform delivers free courses, educational interactives, videos and articles across a broad range of subjects reflecting what is delivered formally to students […]
  • Getting to openness at a closed institution: A case study of evolving and sustaining open education practices May 9, 2020
    This study examined a Canadian post-secondary institution in the period between 2010 and 2014, with a follow-up assessment in 2018 in order to understand its evolution with open educational resources (OER) and open educational practices (OEP). In the first timeline, the study looked at drivers that contributed to the uptake of OER in relation to […]
  • Supporting open practices with teachers in Zambia April 29, 2020
    This paper demonstrates how the features and affordances of open learning have been developed in new and productive ways to provide school-based continuing professional development for teachers in Zambia. It presents and critically reviews data from 200 teachers who have taken part in phase 1 of the Zambian Education School-based Training (ZEST) – a project […]