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Here you can find stuff about Open Educational Resources (OER) and Open Education:

  • A search engine for OER
  • Publications and presentations
  • Several tools
  • A blog

I hope these resources can inspire you in your endeavours on OER and Open Education.

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Ceterum censeo materia facta tributo oblatum esse gratuito

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Ready for todays immersion into Messiah of Händel. Whole day rehearsing for tonights performance.

Een blog over de zone Naar (open) digitale leermiddelen van het #Versnellingsplan en de relatie met Beethoven https://t.co/zOc5NrbyDU

PhD defense of Bieke Schreurs. Reunion of the Ruud de Moor Center of the @OU_Nederland

On 5 February a Twitter chat was organized by #ABOERJC about a paper from @benjanssenNL and myself. I have put some comments on this chat in a blogpost https://t.co/WXZECPn4bM

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