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I hope these resources can inspire you in your endeavours on OER and Open Education.

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Ceterum censeo materia facta tributo oblatum esse gratuito

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Much has already been said about a definition of learning materials. In a blogpost I have tried to describe a practical approach. https://t.co/vSqFXyUR0G #Versnellingsplan

‘As you may recall, MOOCs were born without a business model. In the beginning, everyone wondered how free courses would ever make money. Last year Coursera reportedly made around $140 million dollars.’ Nice piece from @dhawalhshah #onlinelearning https://t.co/UlMVKTocBy

Ben je docent in het hbo of wo en gebruik je daarbij digitale leermaterialen? Voor het #Versnellingsplan onderzoeken we de praktijk van hergebruik van (open) leermaterialen. We vragen 10-15 minuten van je tijd om een vragenlijst in te vullen. https://t.co/jrpXb2KoQG RT=fijn

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