Welcome to my website!

Here you can find stuff about Open Educational Resources (OER) and Open Education:

  • A search engine for OER
  • Publications and presentations
  • Several tools
  • A blog

I hope these resources can inspire you in your endeavours on OER and Open Education.

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Ben je als beleidsmedewerker of als onderwijs- of onderzoeksondersteuner betrokken bij Open Science of Open Education? Schrijf je in voor het seminar Open Science meets Open Education op 26 oktober! https://t.co/P1MvTq6yG0 #openscience #openeducation

Iconic album, one of my all time favourites. Remarkably, Pet Sounds from the Beach Boys not in the list, as any album from The Stones

@CherylHW @ROER4D @GOGN_OER Cheryl dedicates her presentation on Social Justice and OER to Fred Mulder our mentor and friend

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