Curated overview of open resources

Here you can find an overview of websites with free to use, open resources:
Images | Video | Audio | Mixed | Search engines for open data, open resources and MOOCs


Sources I have used for this curated overview:
Tweet from SCMSPedagogy
Blog Dan Leeman
Austin Community Colleges Library Services

How to use resources from this site

There are several types of sites:

  • Resources have either a Creative Commons license or are Public Domain. This is the default
  • Resources are all Public Domain. This is mentioned in the description of the site.
  • There are some specific terms of use for some of the resources. This is mentioned in the description of the site.

If you are using a resource, remember the following:

  • Adhere to the conditions of reuse as prescribed by the Creative Commons license added to the resource. At least attribution of the author is mandatory.
  • When the source is Public Domain, you can reuse the source without any restrictions. However, it is good practice, where the author is known, to mention the author and a link to the source.
  • When unclear: give attribution by mentioning the name of the author and a link to the source.
  • Some of the sites also contain non-open resources, for which you should ask for permission to reuse it (and in most cases have to pay some amount). Pay close attention to those sites to ensure that you reuse open resources.


Although I have checked every site in these overviews on availability of open resources and (when available) the terms of use, these terms of use may change. I cannot made responsible for misuse of resources by visitors of this site.

First date of compilation: 19 August 2018

Date of last change: 30 September 2018


4Free PhotosFree photos for personal and commercial use
Alegri PhotosFree stock photos
ClkerCollection of Public Domain cliparts
FindaPhotoCollection of Public Domain photos
FoterCollection of photos, derived from Flickr API, searching for Creative Commons photos
Free3DFree 3D Models in several file formats
Free Stock Image Free stock images
Internet Archive Book ImagesOver 2.6 million of Public Domain images from a variety of books
Open ClipartArchive of Public Domain clip art
Open GalleriesA community source of free photography
Open Image BankCollection of images
PD ClipartCollection of Public Domain cliparts
PD PhotoCollection of Public Domain photos
PexelsCollection of Public Domain photos
Photos Public DomainHigh quality Public Domain photographs
PhototeriaCollection of Public Domain photos
PicdromeGrowing Public Domain picture collection
PixabayCollection of Public Domain photos. (My personal favorite)
Public Domain PhotosCollection of Public Domain photos and cliparts
Public Domain PicturesCollection of Public Domain photos
Reusable artA collection of Public Domain images for crafters and web designers that have been rescued from old books, magazines, and other print materials.
The Noun ProjectIcons for everything. Over a million curated icons, created by a global community.
UnsplashCollection of Public Domain photos
US Antarctic ProgramPhoto library of the Antarctic
WPClipartCollection of artwork, Public Domain



Media-related videosA list of videos for a variety of media-related topics
Moving Image Archive~4.5M free movies, films and videos
Stock Footage for FreeWebsite dedicated to providing completely free stock footage and stock video from around the world



CCMixterA community music remixing site featuring remixes and samples licensed under Creative Commons licenses
Free Music Public DomainA music library for the public (fee required for commercial use)
OpsoundOpsound is a gift economy in action, an experiment in applying the model of free software to music



Critical CommonsA public media archive and fair use advocacy network that supports the transformative reuse of media in scholarly and creative contexts
Digital Public Library of America~23M images, texts, videos, and sounds from across the United States
Europeana~60M artworks, artefacts, books, films and music from European museums, galleries, libraries and archives. Some resources are not free to use.
Freebies GalleryA place where you can download free design resources
Internet ArchiveA non-profit library of millions of free books, movies, software, music, websites, and more
Open CultureFree cultural and educational media (a.o. music, films, e-books)
Project GutenbergFree e-books (Public Domain)
Public Domain ReviewA curated collection of images, books, films and audio, all Public Domain
RijksmuseumDigital collection of the Dutch Rijksmuseum. Includes the Rijksstudio to create your own art, repurposed from originals from e.g. Rembrandt.
Wikimedia CommonsCollection of ~50M freely usable media files to which anyone can contribute


Search engines for open data, open resources and MOOCs

CC SearchSearch engine for images, video and audio with a Creative Commons license
Class CentralThe ultimate search engine for MOOCs and loads of information
Data Set Search GoogleGoogle search engine for sets of open data
Every Stock PhotoSearch engine for free photos
OASISSearch engine that can access 52 different OER websites that contain more than 150,000 resources